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Job Readiness and Linkage Program
The Los Angeles NAACP Job Readiness and Linkage Program is a multi-faceted approach to preparing unemployed or underemployed adults for competitive job placement.
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What is the Job Readiness and Linkage Program? 
* The program integrates job training with case management and job placement to ensure that participants are able to compete in the job market. 

Why Job Readiness? 
*The employment rate in Los Angeles County currently stands at 6.3% Although this sounds low, some areas have an unemployment rate as high as 14.3%. Many of those not working are on government assistance and are needing training and skill development 

Who do we serve? 
*Any unemployed adult who needs to upgarde or learn new employment skills in the greater Los Angeles are is eligible to participate in the Job Readiness and Linkage Program. 

What will we offer? 
* Adults who participate in the Job Readiness and Linkage will take part in a variety of training sessions whick will assiat them in becoming competitive in the job market. 

The Job Readiness and Linkage Program offers a variety of courses including:  
- Computer skills such as as basic computer operation, word processinig, spread sheets and data processing. 
- Basic math, writing and communication skills 
- Introduction to the culture of the work place such as work ethic, conflict prevention and resolution, proper office demeanor and dress 
- Resume and application writing 
- Interviewing skills 

Students will participate in many different types of learning experiences including: 
- Classroom instruction and lecture 
- Role playing exercises 
- Mixed media instruction, suchas videotape viewing and other audio-visual aids 
- Hands on work experience 
Additionally, all courses will be led by professional trainers with proven capabilities in their subject areas. 

The Job Readiness and Linkage Program is a holistic program 
All students will b assigned to a case manager who will oversee the progress of the student through the program andinto the workforce. Basic life needs will also be addressed and students will be referred to community resouces such as:  
 Child care, transportation, legal assistance, consumer credit counseling and parenting instruction.  
Students will also be assisted in attaining the most appropriate job for their new skills. Upon employment, students are tracked for 1 year to ensure success. 

How you can get involved in the Job Readiness and Linkage Program 
*If you are an experienced, qualified trainer, we need you 
*If you are unemployed and need to improve your job skills, you may be eligible to participate in our program 
*If you have a business and would like to interview and hire our highly trained participants, please contact the program 

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