Texaco's Franchise Outreach Program. A Messager from the Vice President of Marketing.

America has witnessed a resurgence of the "entrepreneurial spirit". Today, small businesses are more than ever the driving force in our nation's economy. As you know, America was built in large part by a group of diverse individuals who arrived here with virtually nothing but a desire to be free and to build a beter life without persecution.

Many successful entrepreneurs were born out of the millions of immigrants who arrived on our shores. They toiled long hours and worked hard to build businesses for themselves, to provide for their children and to seize their share of the AMerican dream. Today, that dream hasn't changed.

To become an entrepreneur today you must be ambitious, willing to work hard and have the desire to succeed. Texaco's Franchise Outreach Program was developed for those economically disadvantaged individuals who have that desire to succeed and are willing to undergo 18 months of intensive training to earn the opportunity to apply for a Texaco Star Mart convenience store franchise.

At Texaco, we believe diversity amoung our franchisees is essential in today's marketplace. By creating opportunities for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit but lack sufficient funding, we know we'll attract some of the best business talent in America. To ensure there are no barriers for anyone who is interested in having such an opportunity, we encourage those who may fell they lack sufficient funding to apply.

Before you apply, however, keep in mind that the retail petroleum and convenience store industries are extremely complex and sophisticated. The development of technical skills, the ability to manage others and having a clear understanding of what retailing is about are critical. Our curriculim catalog provides an overview of our program, Texaco's franchise opportunities and the long-term commitment you'll need to make.

Those who are accepted into this program will undergo four months of rigorous basic training and testing in every aspect of our business. Graduates wiill earn a chance to train for another 14 months and then apply for the opportunity to operate a Texaco Star Mart francise.

You'll need to set goals, study long hours and work extra hard. During classroom study and on-the-job training, you will be paid a management level salary. Should you need to relocate for training, relocation costs will be at your own expense.

This is an opportunity that deserves serious consideration. Ambition, drive and dedication can make all the difference. We believe it is important for you to read our curriculum catalog in its entirety in order for you to make a more informed decision.

Afterwords, if you still have the desire to run your own business - and think you've got what it takes to be a winner - we invite you to apply for enrollment in our program. On behalf of the entire Texaco family, we would like to thank you for your interest in Texaco's Franchise Outreach Program.

Please contact the offices of the Los Angeles NAACP if you wish to obtain a copy of Texaco's Franchise Outreach Program Curriculum Catalog & Enrollment Application. You may also contact Texaco directly by writting to:

P.O. BOX 9214
MARINA DEL REY, CA 90295-9919