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 The Afro-Academic, Cultural Technological and Scientific Olympics(ACT-SO) is a major youth initiative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP).  founded in 1978, by the renowned author and journalist, Vernon Jarrett, ACT-SO provides a forum through which minority youth can demonstrate the same prowess, expertise and recognition often only reserved for entertainers and athletes. 
Rooted in the firm conviction that minorities can succeed and compete at the same or
superior levels as their counterparts in classrooms, boardrooms and locker rooms across
this nation and abroad. 
The ACT-SO objective is to  prepare, promote and recognize youth who exemplify
scholastic and cultural excellence.
  The ACT-SO goals are:
-To mobilize the adult community for the promotion of classroom and after-school excellence. 
-To recognize academic achievement among youth on par with the recognition awarded athletics. 
  -To provide and assist students with the necessary skills and tools to establish goals
and acquire the confidence and training to make a successful contribution to society.

ACT-SO conducts annual academic competitions for students in grades 9-12 NAACP branches throughout the country.  Participating branches hold local competitions in 24 categories.  The top winners from other cities at the national ACT-SO finals
during the NAACP national convention.

" The objective of ACT-SO is to prepare, recognize and reward youth who exemplify
scholastic and artistic excellence."
ACT-SO was designed to recruit, stimulate, improve and encourage high academic and
cultural achievements among high school studensts. In short, we will "actso" that academic and cultural achievers recieve the same recognition as athletic to excellence, awards are not the primary goal.

Rather, our vision centers around rhe mobilization of communities for the continous promotion of academic and artistic excellence among African American students. We urge all NAACP branches to reach out recruit volunteers to serve as yearlong instructors, coaches, teachers, mentors and most importantly role models for young black youth in all of the categories in
the program. 

Gold Medalists recieves a cash award in the amount $1,000 
Silver Medalists recieves a cash award in the amount of $750 
Bronze Medalists recieve a cash award in the amount of $500 

THE SCIENCES - Architechture - Biology - Chemistry - Computer Science  Mathematics - Physics/Electronics - Physics/Energy - Physics/General 

THE PERFORMING ARTS -Dance - Dramatics - Music Instrumental/Classical 
Music Instrumental/Contemporary - Music Vocal/Classical - Oratory 
Music Vocal/Contemporary 

Music  Composition - Original Essay - Playwriting - Poetry 

Drawing - Film Making/Video - Painting - Photography - Sculpture 


Each contestant must: 
   - Be of African descent. 
   - Be enrolled in grades 9-12. 
   - Be a citizen of  the United States. 
Any student who is or has been paid professionally in any category of competition is not qualified to compete.  

For more information call NAACP office (310)397-1171. 

P.O. Box 56408
Los Angeles, Calif. 90056
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